[Royce Young] Sam Presti politely says he doesn’t really agree with Paul George’s use of the term "mutual" in trading him. He notes it wasn’t adversarial, but certainly not something the Thunder wanted to do.此前乔治表明他和雷霆的分手是彼此的决议,对此雷霆总经理普雷斯蒂模棱两可。他表明不一定赞同乔治的说法,但这并没有针对性,仅仅结局必定不是雷霆想要的。————————[–][LAL] Adam Morrison xDEV1ANT 4107 points 8 hours ago Man. I was sure the GM mutually agreed to trade a mvp candidate after his 1st year in a 4 year contract.湖人球迷:天咯,我之前还傻傻的认为,雷霆的总经理也赞同把乔治这个签了四年长约却刚效能完一年的MVP提名人买卖走呢。[–]Warriors HappyCrabDay 40 points 9 hours ago Meanwhile, /r/NBA is saying Presti and the Thunder wanted this trade…勇士球迷:这个论坛之前还说是普雷斯蒂和雷霆想要促进这笔买卖……[–]Testwhatever23444 71 points 6 hours ago Should’ve seen this sub yesterday trying to defend PG. so many delusional idiots here just instantly treat players words as gold and don’t understand they could be lying for PR reasons就该看看这个专区昨日为乔治洗地的那副容貌。这里有许多蠢货天真地把球员的话确实,他们就不明白那些球员会为了个人形象公关而说谎。[–]Warriors Balls_of_Adamanthium 1649 points 7 hours ago* Said the exact same thing yesterday. Tried to tell these fools. Got downvoted to oblivion lol勇士球迷:我昨日便是这么说的。还想给那些XX解说呢,成果被喷惨了,哈哈哈[–]spyirl 979 points 6 hours ago It was obvious. It’s not that easy to just draft MVP candidates. These clowns on here make every excuse for the Clippers and hate on AD and the Lakers. Fact is, both Kawhi and PG forced their way out of teams with multiple years left on their contract to get to LA.这事儿原本就很明显,究竟一支球队想靠选秀得到MVP提名人等级的球员可不简单。许多小丑为了帮快船洗地想尽各种托言,他们却厌烦戴维斯和湖人。但是事实是,乔治和小卡这俩人都曾在合同期还剩几年的情况下为了去洛杉矶闹着要出走。[–]Warriors Balls_of_Adamanthium 502 points 6 hours ago Yep. No competent GM in their right mind would mutually agree to get rid of a top 3 MVP and DPOY candidate that’s locked in for the next years to come. Gonna be fun watching these fools not win the championship.勇士球迷:是的,你队里有一个MVP前三一同也是年度最佳防卫人候选等级的球员,并且他和球队的合同还长,没有哪个正常的总经理会想着把他买卖走的。要是看到这俩蠢货没有拿下总冠军,那就有意思咯。[–]Rockets pdking5000 54 points 6 hours ago Well it doesn’t look like he was that interested in making things work considering Billy Donovan wasn’t fired immediately after the season火箭球迷:可形似普雷斯蒂便是不按套路出牌哦,究竟多诺万都没有第一时间被炒。[–]aj2704 1515 points 8 hours ago PG- Unfinished BusinessFun Guy- Yo, listen up, how does playing with me and staying in LA sounds?PG- All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go乔治:我在俄城还有未竟之业。小卡:哟,听好了。你觉得去洛杉矶和我一同打球咋样?乔治:我行李都拾掇好了,等你话呢。[–]NyLou10 338 points 8 hours ago I’m standing here outside your door我就站在你家门口呢。[–]Kittens 4Brunch 35 points 7 hours ago "Meet you outside in 10 minutes?""Meet me in 5!"“外面等你10分钟?”“5分钟就够了!”[–][GSW] Draymond Green OdysseusNZT 201 points 7 hours ago "I’d love to be a Thunder lifer, here with my boy Russ" – "Ayy yo P, join me in LA" – "I’d love to be a Clippers lifer, here with my boy the Klaw"勇士球迷:“我期望终身为雷霆效能,和我兄弟威少并肩战斗。”“哎泡椒啊,来洛杉矶帮我呗。”“我期望终身为快船效能,和我兄弟卡大掌并肩战斗。”[–]Lakers MightBeJerryWest 11 points 5 hours agoPG: hey OKC my business is finished.湖人球迷:乔治:嘿,我在俄城的工作现已完成了。[–][CLE] Delonte West ddottay 11 points 6 hours ago Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if PG becomes a villain by the end of the season.骑士球迷:要是乔治在赛季末成了带伪君子,我一点也不古怪。[–]stefan__urquelle 7 points 5 hours agoHe already is lol he’s going to be booed heavily in 3 arenas, including his own some nights. He did all this to get home…LA not gonna love him like that lol他现已是了,哈哈哈。他会在三个球场被狂嘘,还包含自己的主场。他做这一切都是为了回家……但是洛杉矶不会领这份情啊,哈哈哈————————[–]zannet _t 64 points 8 hours ago Like I said yesterday, PG is a slimeball who says what’s convenient at every turn.The irony is that he would be way more likable/understandable if he was just honest. This is the best winning situation he’s ever gotten and might ever get. The Clips are a real contender next year. He wants a ring. Just say that and nothing else. He doesn’t have to pretend he wasn’t screwing other people in the process. It’s unbecoming of someone who was treated so well by the team he just quit on.昨日我就说过了,乔治便是个只知道说些讨巧话的二货。挖苦的是,假如他就说出实情,那他会更受人喜爱,并且咱们也了解的多。他现在所在的球队环境或许是他进入NBA以来最好的。快船下赛季真的具有争冠实力,乔治也想要戒指。就说这个就够了啊。没必要把自己洗的那么洁净啊。之前的老东家但是对你不薄啊,这么做太不宽厚了。[–]Rockets Whydidideletemyaccou 2940 points 7 hours agoThey shouldve traded his ass to the hornets lmao火箭球迷:雷霆就该把他送到黄蜂去,哈哈哈哈[–]Testwhatever23444 1125 points 5 hours ago If only the Hornets had good assets Im sure Presti would’ve loved to要是黄蜂出价好的话,我信任普雷斯蒂会这么做的。[–]Nets ThatsWhyImGod 124 points 9 hours agoProbably said he was gonna sit out the season with a fake injury like fun guy did篮网球迷:或许乔治像之前的卡生动相同,说他要炸伤缺席整个赛季。[–]Lakers Lakers2020HereWeCome 99 points 9 hours ago That’s Kyrie who threatened that if Cleveland didn’t trade him湖人球迷:这么玩的是要挟骑士的欧文啦。[–]Spurs youarebroke 65 points 9 hours agoFun guy didn’t have a fake injury, he was legit injured, he just used his injury to get what he wanted because he wanted to go home马刺球迷:卡生动最初可没有炸伤,他是真伤了,他仅仅使用自己的伤病来到达自己的意图,由于他想回家。[–]Thunder Ssumday_is_love 216 points 9 hours agoFuck the Clippers雷霆球迷:干死快船![–]Thunder StyleSoFree 97 points 8 hours ago We already did that by sending Jerami Grant to Denver and Russ to Houston.雷霆球迷:咱们便是这么做的啊,把格兰特送到丹佛,威少送到休斯顿。————————[–]Lakers animalsawesome 1754 points 8 hours ago Why would PG say that to begin with? It’s slap in the face to the Thunder and their fans湖人球迷:乔治之前干嘛非得那么说呢?那不是凌辱雷霆和雷蜜么。[–]Thunder Ragnar_OK 23 points 6 hours ago While you’re absolutely correct, it’s still not as big a slap as scoring 5 points on 16 shots in an elimination game.Fuck PG雷霆球迷:你这么说彻底没缺点,但是更大的凌辱,仍是他在球队被筛选的那场竞赛里16投只拿了5分。傻X乔治。[–]Pacers 210plus210 97 points 6 hours ago Also, Fuck Paul George步行者球迷:XX乔治。[–]Lakers virji24 98 points 8 hours ago He a bitch湖人球迷:他便是个XX。[–]Thunder AllHailLordWestbrook 115 points 7 hours ago And Kawhi雷霆球迷:还有小卡[–]Lakers Pardonme23 28 points 4 hours agoI love this thread湖人球迷:我喜爱这个帖子。[–]Thunder AllHailLordWestbrook 10 points 4 hours agoIt’s literally just a massive shit on PG, Kawhi, and the Clippers. It’s beautiful雷霆球迷:还真是朴实地喷乔治、小卡和快船,过瘾。[–]Wizards OhReseT 31 points 6 hours ago Laker, Raptors, and Thunders fan all in this thread hating on PG. lol. I don’t blame you guys, just funny to watch.奇才球迷:湖蜜、龙蜜和雷蜜都在这儿喷乔治,哈哈哈哈。我不怪你们,便是看着有意思。[–]Raptors mug3n 7 points 3 hours agoit’s the off-season and we’re bored okay.plus it’s nice to have somebody to shit on猛龙球迷:现在但是休赛期啊,咱们无聊不可么。况且有人喷总是很好的嘛[–]76ers Ja842 15 points 5 hours ago He literally could have just said nothing, how fucking stupid is he?76人球迷:乔治之前真能够啥也不说的,这尼玛是有多蠢啊?[–]Rockets Watson4Harden13 1917 points 8 hours ago He didn’t want to look like a bad guy for requesting a trade from a team twice in three years火箭球迷:他三年两次要求归队,就这还想立牌坊。[–]datway_ 168 points 8 hours ago Same reason Kawhi tried to lie and say they were never interested in the Lakers when they demanded trades a few years ago. It’s all a PR stunt to save their image.乔治昨日开口的动机和之前小卡相同,说谎说他们对湖人历来都没爱好,但是几个赛季前还闹着要转会去。这都是为了个人形象的公关手法算了。[–]Lakers animalsawesome 769 points 8 hours ago I guessing he was counting on Presti not contradicting him湖人球迷:我猜乔治之前还认为普雷斯蒂不会点破自己。[–]Rockets Watson4Harden13 580 points 8 hours ago Yeah and I thought Presti would just go along with it lmao. Seems like he’s kind of ticked off that PG lied to the media.火箭球迷:是啊,我也认为普雷斯蒂会睁一只眼闭一只眼,哈哈哈。看来形似是乔治对媒体的谎话惹毛了普雷斯蒂。[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook NobodyRules 212 points 7 hours ago* Presti doesn’t fuck around. PG straight up lied and disrespected our franchise by saying that. He was the one that wanted out, we would have ran it back if he didn’t request the trade.Saying it was mutual is pathetic.雷霆球迷:普雷斯蒂可没瞎JB搞。乔治说那种话便是不尊重咱们。想走的是他,要是他没要求买卖咱们不会是现在这个相貌。还说什么是一起的决议,厌恶人啊。[–]IAmHereToBeFair 90 points 7 hours ago After announcing that he was staying in at OKC at Russ’ party and posting ‘unfinished business’. Leaving one year later after all that…最初还在威少的派对上声称要留在雷霆,还PO文“未竟之业”表态。成果一年后就走了……[–][IND] Domantas Sabonis OPBadshah 15 points 6 hours ago He does whatever that would make him look like a good guy. Declared at a charity baseball game that he’d stay with the Pacers a day before asking to be traded.步行者球迷:乔治为了保护个人正面形象无所不用其极啊。最初在一场棒球慈善赛上信誓旦旦地说不会脱离步行者,一天之后就要求买卖归队。[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook Ninetythreex 117 points 5 hours ago Subscribe雷霆球迷:没缺点。[–]Bladex20 529 points 6 hours ago Paul George tries so hard to make himself come across as this wholesome good guy, Nah dude. You forced your way out of 2 teams in 2 and a half years. Stop all that dumb shit. Luckily OKC got a nice package back for him but thats still bitch shit乔治为了建立自己在咱们心目中正人君子的形象真可谓是煞费苦心,可你不是啊老哥。你在两年半的时间内,在两支球队闹着要走。别再做这种蠢事了。幸而雷霆没白白失掉乔治,不过这事儿做得仍是厌恶。[–]Thunder kenny964 43 points 7 hours agoHe’s a great player but he always seems to bring drama with him雷霆球迷:乔治是个很强的球员,不过他形似总喜爱给自己加戏、[–]Ragingbull715 20 points 7 hours ago He’s been saying dumb stuff to the media and contradicting himself since Dwest left Pacers and he was leader of a team自打大卫-韦斯特脱离步行者,乔治当上首领之后,他就一向对着媒体说些专门打自己脸的蠢话。[–]MuppetSSR 22 points 6 hours ago He tries to be the “leader” but I don’t think that’s in him.他却是尽力想成为“首领”哦,但是我觉得他没这个气质。[–][OKC] Eric Maynor Ibaka_flocka 27 points 7 hours ago At least we got a huge haul for him. I def would have liked to run it back, but he could have left for nothing last summer.雷霆球迷:至少咱们送走他还得到了不少。我必定期望回到早年啊,不过他上一年夏天本能够在咱们一无所获的情况下脱离的。[–]Thunder cquicky 40 points 6 hours ago We were emotionally prepared for him to leave last summer. I don’t think anyone was emotionally prepared for this.雷霆球迷:上一年夏天咱们情感上预备好了他的离去,但是这一次,我觉得没人做好这个心理预备吧。[–]Thunder RussWestbrookMVP2k17 16 points 5 hours ago I’d be surprised if anyone was emotionally prepared to lose both Russ and PG in one fell swoop.雷霆球迷:要是有谁之前就做好了瞬间失掉威少和乔治的心理预备,那我真是奇了怪了。————————[–]Celtics ITsLoverBoy 76 points 8 hours agoPG’s PR team in shambles凯尔特人球迷:乔治的公关团队现在焦头烂额哦[–]Lakers LonzoBBBall[S] 1859 points 9 hours agoPG lyin straight through his teeth yesterday湖人球迷:乔治昨日简直是睁眼说瞎话[–][SAS] Dejounte Murray Ops135 91 points 8 hours ago PG sounded like an idiot yesterday they shoulda never gave dude that mic lol马刺球迷:乔治昨日说得跟个XX相同,就不应让他拿麦,哈哈。[–]Spurs madhare09 1228 points 9 hours ago Unsurprising from a dude who ditched his team a year into the contract lol马刺球迷:合同才走完第一年就甩手不干的人干出这种事儿,也没啥古怪,哈哈[–]76ers retroracer 10 points 7 hours ago He was talking like it was a FA decision he made. It was kinda weird.76人球迷:他昨日说的像是自己做出了一个自在球员的决议相同,真是毁三观。[–]NBA groceriesN1trip 855 points 8 hours agoAnd cheated on his lady with a stripper and got her pregnant and then tried to pay her to get an abortion and then married her and then had another kid with her他曾经还越轨一个脱衣舞娘,还把人肚子搞大了,然后想给钱打掉,那个舞娘没容许,然后他俩成婚了,并且还生了个娃……[–]Kings kay_knox 668 points 8 hours agohis ladyHis ex-lady being his current coach’s daughter.国王球迷:他那会儿变节的女友是现任主帅的女儿。[–][ATL] Mookie Blaylock terafunker 230 points 7 hours ago We talking about Steph Curry’s brother’s wife?老鹰球迷:是库里的弟媳咯?[–][SAS] Manu Ginobili Primid47 256 points 9 hours ago Damn I feel bad for DocAlso you can’t convince me that he didn’t fuck Hibbert’s girl马刺球迷:靠,为里弗斯感到不爽啊。还有啊,别跟我说乔治最初没睡希伯特的女性。[–]Celtics Thatguy19901 101 points 7 hours ago Doc about to give him 10 minutes a game and play him at the 5 lol凯尔特人球迷:里弗斯怕是要让乔治每场只打10分钟,并且还打中锋,哈哈哈哈[–]Lakers LovetheNBA23 87 points 8 hours agoHaha that clown really doesn’t know what he wants in life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves the Clippers in two years because he is so unsure of everything he does.湖人球迷:呵呵,乔治这个小丑真是不知道自己究竟想要啥。要是他在两年内脱离快船我也不古怪,由于他对自己所做的每一件事都十分不确定。[–]Lakers Boros-Reckoner 17 points 6 hours agoOnce the Clippers lose in the first round to the Nuggets or Blazers PG is going to go for the trade demand hat trick湖人球迷:一旦快船在季后赛首轮输给掘金或许开拓者,那乔治就要演出闹归队帽子戏法咯。[–]Warriors toothbud 70 points 7 hours ago "It was destiny for me to join KD kyrie and Draymond in Brooklyn"勇士球迷:“我命中注定要去布鲁克林和杜兰特、欧文、追梦做队友。”[–]spyirl 33 points 6 hours ago "It was destiny for me to be Kawhi’s bitch after KD, Kyrie, Beal, Holiday, and Conley turned Kawhi down."“在阿杜、欧文、比尔、霍乐迪和康利回绝小卡之后,我便是他的女性,这都是命。”[–]Lakers matticans7pointO 76 points 9 hours ago Has there ever been a super star player who has demanded a trade from two separate teams?湖人球迷:曾经有过哪个超巨像乔治这样在两支不同的球队都闹过归队吗?[–]Thunder Ssumday_is_love 98 points 9 hours ago CP3?雷霆球迷:保罗?[–]kobmug 60 points 8 hours ago* CP3 could have just left the Clippers IIRC, he had a player option. It wasn’t a trade demand it was an opt-in and trade, similar to what Miami and Philly did this summer.要是我没记错的话,保罗脱离快船没缺点,他有球员选项啊。他那不是闹出走,这和今夏热火与76人之间的买卖很像。[–]Raptors sametrical 85 points 9 hours ago Jimmy Butler猛龙球迷:那便是巴特勒了。[–]Bulls YourLatinLover 70 points 8 hours ago Butler didn’t demand a trade from either the 76ers or Bulls. He got traded from the Bulls after expressing a desire to stay there, and left the 76ers in free agency.公牛球迷:不论在76人仍是公牛,巴特勒都不算自动要求归队。他之前在公牛的时分表达过留队的志愿,然后被送走了,之后在76人是以自在身脱离的。————————来历:Reddit编译:云长刮个痧a.topic-link {margin: 10px auto;display: block;width: 600px;}.topic-box {width: 600px;height: 75px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101388748.png’) repeat-x;margin: 0 auto;position: relative;}.topic-thumb {position: absolute;left: 5px;top: 3px;height: 69px;width: 92px;background: url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_170919/zt_3111505780239.jpg’) no-repeat;background-size: 100% 100%;}.topic-angular{position: absolute;right:0;top:0;width:46px;height:42px;background:url(‘//tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101463680.png’) no-repeat;}.topic-box b {position: absolute;left: 105px;right: 15px;color: white;line-height: 75px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}美帝键盘侠—歪果仁精彩谈论汇总